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Welcome to the Equity in Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure Resource Portal!

your comprehensive hub for accessing key literature and valuable resources dedicated to promoting equity in the realm of EV charging infrastructure.

As the global shift towards cleaner transportation gains momentum, the Equity in EV Charging Infrastructure Resource Portal emerges as a pivotal tool in addressing the critical nexus between environmental sustainability and social equity. The ITE Electrical Vehicle and Electrification (EVE) working group identified the pressing need for a centralized repository of knowledge to bridge the gap between academic research, real-world case studies, and policy implementation in the domain of EV charging equity.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to foster a just and inclusive transition to electric mobility by providing a robust platform where stakeholders from local communities, governmental bodies, research institutions, and international organizations can converge. The portal acts as a dynamic bridge that connects diverse perspectives, research findings, policy frameworks, and practical insights. By doing so, it empowers decision-makers, advocates, researchers, and the general public with the resources needed to steer the growth of EV charging infrastructure towards an equitable future.

Key Features

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Local and Federal Resources

Dive into a wealth of materials tailored to local and federal contexts. From municipality-specific initiatives to national policy documents, our platform offers a holistic view of how equity considerations are being integrated into EV charging infrastructure planning.

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Case Studies

Learn from real-world examples that showcase successful strategies and innovative approaches to equitable EV charging. These case studies span a spectrum of geographical, socio-economic, and technological landscapes, offering valuable insights for emulation and adaptation.

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International Insights

The global nature of the EV revolution demands a cross-border perspective. Explore a curated collection of international resources that shed light on diverse strategies, challenges, and triumphs in fostering equity within EV charging ecosystems.

Reach Out

Join us in this transformative journey as we usher in a new era where sustainable transportation and social equity harmoniously converge. To submit new resources or inquiries related to the Equity in EV Charging Infrastructure Resource Portal, kindly email us at:

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TSMO Associate, ITE HQ

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Planning and Safety Director, ITE HQ

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We appreciate your engagement and contributions to furthering the cause of equity in EV charging infrastructure.